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Chum Prices
 Mackeral ( only summer)40.00
 Blue fish ( limited)50.00

Shark Baits
 Bunker (25 Ilbs)22.00

Specialty Shark Bait
 Blue fish Chum50.00
 Bunker oil10.95 qt/40.50 gal
 Menhaden Milk35.85/GAL

Shark Fising Accessories
 Ballons ( Pkg)2.25
 Shark Float4.95

Tuna Baits
 Butter fish50.00
 Squid ( Longline)70.00

Inshore Fluke Bait Squid
 Box Small (California)4.00
 2 Pak Local 5.20

Inshore Fluke Spearing
 Pkg local spearing4.50
 2.5 lb local spearing12.00
 5lb local spearing22.50

Specialty Fluke Bait
 Peanut Bunker 3.00
 Peruvian Spearing pk3.00
 2.5 Peruvian8.00

Specialty Canyon Bait
 Flat of Offshore Squid70.00
 Spearing 3.5 gal can44.00

Clam Chum
 Clam log3.00
 Clam Chum Can22.00

Clam Bellies
 2 gallon Clam Bellies12.00
 4 Gallon Clam Bellies20.00

Clam Bait
  4 lb Bucket14.00
 Clam Flat40.00

Bally Hoo
 12pk med19.50
 2pk Horse14.50
 3pk Rigged20.00

Live Bait
 Live Eels14.00
 Green Crabcall
 Hermit Crabcall

Shark Fising Accessories
 Balloons2..00 pkg
 Rubber bands2.00 pkg
 Menhaden oil Drip Container20.89

Stalker Bally Hoo
 Stalker 2 pk Horse15.75
 Stalker pk Select15.75

Cube Ice
 5 lb bag2.50
 40 lb Bag17.50
 4 lb Block3.50

Shaved Ice
 Shovel each2.00

Shaved Ice Tote
 Fish Tote12.00
 1/2 Large Tote30.00
 Large Tote50.00

  Special Instructions

: Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
Actual charge to be calculated at time of pickup.
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