Montauk Marine Basin 426 West Lake Drive | Montauk, NY 11954 | Phone: 631-668-5900 | Fax: 631-668-5659
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Montauk Marine Basin
Offshore Shoot Out at Montauk Marine

Captain's Choice 4 day trips or two Overnight trips

$10,000.00 CASH PRIZES
Based on Fifty Entrires

  • Boat Limit: 50
  • When: September 19th to October 12th, 2014
  • Where:
    Montauk Marine Basin 426 West Lake Dr. Po 610 Montauk, NY 11954 Phone: 631-668-5900 Fax: 631-668-5659 Judges Cell Numbers: Bob Weaver 845-750-4102 Carl Darenberg 631-804-8666 Courtney Darenberg 631-804-8776 Rick Freda 516-971-4685

"The Last Hurrah" -- This is a (24)day tournament that participants can fish up four (4) 20 hour day trips or up to (2) 40 hour overnight trip during that period.

No boats may depart before 5:00 pm Fridayseptember 19 and must return by 2:00pm Sunday October 12 2014

Montauk Inlet upon departure Captain must send a text message to 2 of 4 judges showing departure time and location with a picture in the text of the inlet Arrival times to be 20 hours later for day trip or 40 hours later for a overnight trip you may use captains choice 1 overnighter and 2 day trips ,2 overnighters or  4 day trips

All Boats must return to Montauk Marine Basin at the appropriate time for weigh in All boats must fill out Weigh In slip verified by weigh master.

Judges Cell Numbers:

Bob Weaver 845-750-4102845-750-4102
Carl Darenberg 631-804-8666631-804-8666
Rick Freda 516-971-4685516-971-4685
Courtney Darenberg 631-804-8776631-804-8776


Yellow Fin Tuna(30 lb min) 1000.00 2 points per lb
True Albacore Tuna ( 30 lb min) 1000.00 2 points per lb
Big eye Tuna (100 lb min) 1000.00 2 points per lb
Mako Shark (125 lb min) 500.00 1 point per lb
Mah Mahi ( 5 lbs min ) 500.00 5 points per lb
Heaviest Tuna 2000.00
Heaviest Swordfish 1000.00 2 Points per lb.
Wahoo 500.00 2 points per lb
Over all Winner Most Points 2500.00
Total purse 10,000.00
Purse may be adjusted based on actual # of entries.

(Calcutta is private run cash only)
Largest Fish over all landed 500.00250.00
Big Eye500.00250.00
Yellow fin Tuna 500.00250.00
Top Three Yellow Fin ( Tot Lbs)1000.00/500.00250.00
Albcore 250.00100.00
Mahi Mahin/a100.00
Wahoo 100.00

October 12 2014

Awards to be given out at the Hula Hut at Montauk Marine ( West Corner of the property. 


Fishing Times September 19
5:00pm Leave the Jetty
Sunday Fishing Times October 12
2:00pm Return to Jetty

  1. International game fish association rules will apply for the Montauk Marine Offshore Shoot Out with a maximum 130 lb. Test class line limit.
  2. Leader length will be no longer than 40 ft. and will include double line and wind on leaders.
  3. Spreader bars maybe used but must contain no more than (1) hook.
  4. Tournament committee may inspect tackle or test line at there own discretion.
  5. All fish must adhere to state and federal regulations to qualify at the weigh in. All Blue Fin Tuna are excluded from all the categories.
  6. There shall be outside assistance in landing and acquiring a fish. The angler is allowed to have one single hand off at the time of hook up only.
  7. This is strictly a rod and reel tournament. No harpoons, hand lines, nets, or any other means of fish capture are allowed. No push poles are allowed.
  8. A release catch must be filmed on camera. A release is constituted by the leader being touched by the angler, a team member or mate.
  9. Boats may fish from 5:00 pm Friday September 26 to 2:00 pm October 12 2014. You may choose either four(4) Day trips of 20 Hours each or two(2) Overnight trip of 40 hours
  10. GPS time will be the Tournament official time.
  11. All protests must be made no later tan 3:00 pm Sunday, October 12 2014
  12. All boats are responsible for making decisions concerning sea and weather conditions and do so at their own risk.
  13. Fish may be weighed in only at Montauk Marine Basin.
  14. Boats may depart from Montauk or Shinnecock only upon leaving you must text the 2 out of 4 judges your leave time and from what inlet and what type of a trip you are doing.
  15. No mutilated fish can be entered. The weight master reverses the right to retain any questionable fish. If retention is refused, the fish will be disqualified.
  16. If the tournament is cancelled due to any circumstances or if no qualifying fish are weighed, the prize money will be returned accordingly.
  17. A maximum of 25 boats will be accepted in the tournament. In the event less than 25 boats enter, prize money will be prorated.
By signing the entry form and paying the entry fee, my crew and I acknowledge that we have read the rules and regulations and are bound by the same. Any breach of the above rules will result in disqualification. All decisions made by the Tournament committee are final.


VHF: Channel 19