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Maximize Your Boats Performance

Making Your Boat Faster and More Efficient
Bottom condition is critical. The bottom of your boat should be smooth and the paint should have good adhesion. In many cases there may be a build up of paint because the older paints (like Interlux Bottom kote, or Petit Uniepoxy) allowed the cuprous oxide to leach through and let the paint resin stay behind, there for leaving many years of excessive paint build up on the bottom. When paint is flaking and peeling off, not only does it make the bottom less smooth which increases drag, but also may diminish antifouling properties.

To solve this problem it is best to bead blast and recoat the bottom with a good ablative bottom paint like Interlux CSC II, usually best applied with two coats one being a different color for a indicator coat of paint thickness and wear. Because most of ablatives are multi-season, there is no need to repaint each season.

On boats where blistering is evident, it may be necessary to apply a barrier coat of epoxy 10-12 mils thick before the application of an ablative bottom paint.

Speed Rails Increase Lift and Speed
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Speed Rails can give your boat added lift. This is be achieved by adding a rail at the turn of the bilge on a semi displacement hull or at the corner of the hull on a modified V hull. These rails can be fabricated from wood and epoxy coated or from vinyl preformed extruded rails. Both rails are epoxied and screwed on with stainless hardware. Most boats can achieve increased speed of 7% -10%. NOTE: Care must be taken when hauling and launching boats with rails with extra blocking at the strap load areas.

Propping Your Vessel Correctly

Propellers are very important in achieving good performance. Higher Horsepower engines have increased the need for better and more efficient propellers with less slip and cavitaion. We have seen the entry of many specialty props with more blades,progressive pitching ,and cupping.



Tips on propping your boat:

  • A larger prop isn't always better. Many boaters think they will go a little faster with a bigger prop but most generally a larger prop may go a faster but the engine(s) will not be running according to manufacturer specifications, causing decreased fuel economy and increased wear and tear, which will shorten the life of your engine.
  • Cupping a prop. The way a prop is cupped can effect the prop and vessel performance greatly. Sometimes a cup can cause a vessel to suck the transom lower in the water when accelerating and even on plane.
  • Four blade pops can increase mid range performance ( where most engines cruise ) with a loss of top end speed. These props are usually smoother with less vibration than a three blade prop.
  • Placement of transducers in hull. Care should be taken when placing transducers on the bottom of a hull, especially when installing some of the larger low frequency and Tri-transducers. Placing a larger transducer in front of a prop can cause increased turbulence and cavitaion.
  • Strut and Prop hubs. Streamlining edges of struts and even propeller hubs can reduce turbulence and cavitation. On single screw displacement keel boats stream lining the back edge of the keel can also help performance. - Keeping shafts and props clean. Polishing prop and shafts and coating with a wax or speed coat can help reduce barnacle growth and slime. A smooth clean prop has much less drag and turns easier through the water with increased efficient.
  • Shaft alignment and bearing wear. Shafts and struts should always be aligned and run true. A bent strut causing increased friction on the shaft at the bearing surface can reduce propeller rpm.

Check you Engine Performance

In order to see if your vessel is running at peak performance a diagnostic check may be required, Montauk Marine can install some simple tools and gauges to make sure engine or engines are operating within manufacturers specifcations. 

Test Done Indicates Problem Repair Needed
manifold pressure air box pressure clogged air intake system clean intercooler
turbo boost turbo air pressure turbo malfunction remove and replace
engine room compression vacuum in engine a space not enough air enlarge air intakes
fuel pressure pressure of fuel in lines malfunctioning pump remove pump and replace
fuel vacuum vacuum of fuel in lines clogged lines or lines to small remove and enlarge lines or clean
salt water pump pressure salt water flow clogged SW lines or weak impeller install impeller,check lines or increase in size
heat exchanger differential of heat dirty heat exchanger heat exchanger needs servicing remove and clean or replace

These tests can be used to prevent engine failure or improve performance and engine life. Some of these problems that are occurring can be caused by the original engine installation. Call today for a price or consultation.

Making Rudder boxes Dripless

Convert flax packing glands to dripless stuffin box

A heavy duty rubber seal in a spud screws on to the  current shaft box and now you have a maintenance free dripless gland 


Comes is shaft size  1 1/4,1 1/2 ,1 3/4 and 2inch


call or send a Work Order  request  for pricing and details

Racor Filter Enhancements

Racor  Filters can be enhanced with accessories to help diagnose engine problems and prevent breakdowns.

  • A vacuum gauge can be installed on the unit or at the helm which will indictate filter suction. This can tell you that the filter is clogged with dirt and needs to be changed.
  • A water indicator probe can be installed to let you know that there is water in your fuel.
  • Rebuild kits for your Racor are available in our ship store.  Changing gaskets, and internal components along with a  thorough cleaning of the filter will help ensure you get the best performance possible.


Bilge Alarm

Bennet Trim Tab Conversion to Electric

Bennett Hydraulic-to-Lenco Electric

Convert From Hydraulic to Electric - 12 and 24-Volt Actuators

Bennett Hydraulic-to-Lenco Electric Conversion and Performance Upgrade Kits are designed as a direct replacement for the Bennett hydraulic power unit (HPU) on systems using Bennett 4-ring standard trim tab actuators.

The simple Bennett RetroFit Kits include everything necessary to upgrade your current boat without drilling or filling. You simply discard the hydraulic pump unit and the two Bennett cylinders. Connect the new actuator wiring to the existing harness (jumper wires are included for attaching to current switch). Complete installation instructions are included.

Just 4 simple steps:

  1. Remove Bennett actuators and install Lenco upper mounting brackets on transom.
  2. Feed Lenco wires through holes in brackets and through existing oil line holes in transom.
  3. Mount Lenco actuators on to new upper brackets and existing Bennett lower brackets.
  4. Connect Lenco Actuator wires to existing harness.

Convert Saft Logs to Dripless Glands
The Lasdrop Original “Bellows” seal is a face seal that features a vibration absorbing bellows, ideal for use on sailboats and workboats. Specially balanced for smooth rotation, this model utilizes a 316 stainless steel and carbon graphite for its sealing surfaces. Like all Lasdrop models, a water lubricated bearing is designed in the assembly to insure correct alignment with the shaft.

Tank Tender Monitor Fuel and Water Tank Levels
Monitor Fuel and Water Tank Levels 

  • Panel height is 6", width is 4", and depth behind is 2 7/8"
  • Panel cut-out is 3 1/16" wide by 5" high
  • Gauge is 2 ½" with removable plastic cover
  • Std. gauge scales 30" water and 35" diesel or 60" water and 70" diesel; metric equalents of 30 + 60"; 160/180"
  • Weight is 1 pound 2 ounces


  • One instrument measures up to ten water, diesel and holding tanks.
  • Completely self-contained pneumatic operation (non-electric).
    Very simple installation that requires only one 5/32" hole in each tank top over deepest port.
  • Easily embossed calibration cards to convert inch readings to gallons.
  • Corrosion resistant materials such as brass and stainless steel.
  • Medical grade components with long-term reliability.
  • Mounting hardware supplied with system.

STD Gauge Scales:

  • 30" water/35" Diesel
  • 60" water/70" Diesel
  • 160" water/180" Diesel

Metric Gauge Scale:

  • 800 mm water/900 mm Diesel
  • 1500 mm water/1700 mm Diesel


  • Checks all liquid levels from one location.
  • Accurate liquid level readings to ¼".
  • Eliminates removal of seats, floor boards, etc., to check liquid levels.
  • Safe, pneumatic reliability.

Bilge Pump for the Down East Hull

The narrow low profile automatic compact bilge pump range.

Supersub Family - Narrow, Low profile bilge pump fits deep down in small/awkward bilge spaces where other pumps won't fit.

  • Low narrow design for confined bilge spaces
  • Easy installation - outlet and pump body rotate to suit your installation
  • High performance - Flow up to 1100 US gals per hour
  • Efficient operation - Very low power consumption
  • Low profile strainer - Leaves the bilge almost dry
  • Easy to clean- snap fit assembly
  • Easy to clean – unique clever strainer design
  • Easy to clean – easy to remove and replace for cleaning

Northern Lights introduces the first tier 3 EPA Compliant generator with a 40 KW Gen Set

The new genset brings full US EPA Tier 3 compliance at 1,400 fewer pounds and over 50% less overall volume than a similarly equipped model of the previous generation. Ideal for any application requiring 40 kilowatts of clean, customized power, the power density of the M944T3 will be especially attractive to vessels needing heavy-duty power in a compact package

Call for Details 

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Marinco's innovative, new Precision™ Wireless Controlled Light addresses the most common issues found in marine-grade spotlights. In doing so it has become the most versatile, durable, consistent and easy-to-use spotlight on the market. Its unique, totally enclosed housing design protects all critical components from moisture, salt, shock and vibration for long-lasting operation. Whether mounted upright or suspended upside down, you get 370° sweep rotation and 120° tilt (75° up, 45° down) in a durable IP56 weatherproof housing. Inside, a brilliant 100 Watt H3 Halogen lamp with an optimized parabolic reflector pierces the ultra clear lens to provide a consistent light pattern.




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