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Montauk Marine Basin
52nd Annual Shark Tournament (there will be no live captains meeting, no dinner or award gatherings.)

  • Boat Limit: 150
  • When: June 23th to 25th, 2022
  • Where:
    Montauk Marine Basin 426 West Lake Drive P.O. Box 610 Montauk, NY 11954 631-668-5900 Fax: 631-668-5659 Email:

Due to Covid 19 the flowing changes have been made to the tournament:

-There will be no live captains meeting

-There will be no dinner gathering or awards ceremony. Prizes will be handed out individually. 

-The blue shark category has been eliminated to help reduce spectators on premises and reduce the need for tournament staff. 

-The entry fee is reduced to $1000.  



 Montauk Marine Basin Celebrates the 52nd Annual Shark Tag Tournament with Big Cash Prizes!

This Tournament is limited to only 150 boats sign up early

We offer a total purse of $50,000.00 broken into various prizes, including our exclusive woman and junior categories. We will limit the amount of boats to 150 in order to keep the tournament manageable, personal and fun for all. Note that prize money will be based on entries.

Fishing Conservation is still our main concern. Montauk Marine continues to strive for greater goals and you have made these goals possible over the years with your competitive angling and responsible fishing. Once again we are proud of the several hundred pounds of shark meat that has been donated each year to Long Island Cares to feed the hungry.

The increased weight limits have also contributed for fisheries conservation and we abide by these weight limits for this tournament.

We thank those of you who have fished our tournament in the past and welcome all new comers to join in and enjoy the great fishing Montauk has to offer while participating in our efforts to conserve fishing as a sport as well as contributing to scientific studies.


Offshore Magazine survey voted Montauk Marine Shark Tag Tournament as One of the Best Northeast Tournaments in 2006

The Results of the survey:

  1. Martha's Vineyard Shark
  2. Montauk Marine Basin Shark
  3. WICC Bluefish
  4. Martha's Vineyard Bass & Bluefish
  5. Bailey Island Tuna


Overall Largest Shark 5000.00 overall
1st Place Mako 7500.00 overall
2nd Place Mako 3500.00 overall
3rd Place Mako 2000.00 overall
1st Place Thresher 7500.00 overall
2nd Place Thresher 3500.00 overall
3rd Place Thresher 2000.00 overall
1st Place Woman $1,250 overall
1st Place Junior ( 16 year old and younger) $1,250 overall
Tag & Release Awards overall
1st Place Day one 500.00 overall
2nd Place Day one 250.00 overall
1st Place Dat two 500.00 overall
2nd Place Day two 250.00 overall

(Calcutta is private run cash only)
Daily Split$300mako, other largest fish each day
Daily Split$500mako,other largest fish each day
Daily Split$1,000mako, other largest fish each day
Overall$2,000largest fish both day
Overall$5,000largest fish both days
Overall$10,000.00Largest fish both days

Do to Covid 19 we will be not be holding a live capstan's meeting, dinner or awards ceremony.


Thursday, June 23rd
7:00 pm Check in at store by 7pm (No Captian's meeting)
All entries and Calcuttas to be done at the store.
Friday, June 24th
6.00am All Numbered Boats Depart, Return 6:00pm
Saturday, June 25th
6:00am All Numbered Boats Depart, Return 5:00pm
7:00 pm Awards will be given out while practicing social distancing
Sunday, June 28th
Rain Date only if the one is a total wash out with NO fishing for the first 2 days

  1. All I.G.F.A. Rules will apply. Use of mammal blood of flesh is prohibited. No Sampson post or stand up fighting chairs permitted. Refer to I.G.F.A. Angling Regulations(click here for IGFA rules)
  2. All boats must be a minimum of 20 ft. in length, and must sail from Montauk Lake each day.
  3. No boats may leave the inlet before 6:00am Time determined by GPS.
  4.  Each boat must check in with tournament committee before departing to fish. All captains must leave check out cards with committee member at front desk
    b. Each boat must turn in card at the end of fishing day with tournament committee member at front desk or at weigh-in scales. c. All boats must clear harbor jetties at assigned time each day. See Schedule of Events for depart and return times.
  5. Protests must be made at time of weigh-in with a committee member
  6. Fishing may be called due to bad weather conditions by the tournament committee prior to each fishing day. In the case of bad weather Sunday, June 23rd will be a rain day. If all days are called for bad weather, a lottery will be held for each of the 14 awards. All winners will be returned to the drawing and eligible for each award. Only one day of fishing will be needed for tournament, and determination of prize information
  7. No fish besides mako sharks under 215 lbs will be eligible for weigh-in or prize consideration, Eligible mako shark must measure 83 inches Minimum for females and 71 inches for males.there is no minimum weight requirement on makos. Only 1 fish per boat per day.
  8. In the event of a tie in any cash category, the prize monies will be divided equally among winners of the category.
  9. If a category has no winner that amount of prize money will be evenly distributed among the other species.
  10. In the event of less than 150 boats being entered, prize monies will be adjusted according in proportion to number of entries.
  11. Tag and Release Tags will be supplied at captains meeting with limited amount. Prizes for tag and release category will bee awarded.
  12. Montauk Marine Basin Inc. employees and tournament committee members are not responsible for any accidents incurred during the tournament.
  13. Tournament VHF radio channel will be determined at captains meeting.
  14. All weighed in fish will have stomach cavity drained.
  15. Circle hooks are MANDATORY as per NY state law.
  16. all contestants are subjetct to polygragh test at judges descretion
  17. all leaders and hooks must  left in fish till after wiegh in
  18. all fish qualifying  must be inspected by  the biologist at the time of wiegh in


VHF: Channel 19